Rob Nielsen

email: rob at roblisa dot com
mobile: 0422900473
DOB: 20th July, 1976
location: Robina, Queensland, 4226, Australia.


Professional Experience

June 2008-Present Refactor, Gold Coast, QLD.

Founder and Director at Refactor, a Java / Grails / Rails consultancy based on the Gold Coast.

Worked onsite at on the Gold Coast developing several Grails applications for internal and external use. We utilized the Scrum development methodology and implemented continuous integration and test driven development.

2003-2008 ASERT Consulting, Gold Coast & Brisbane, QLD.

Contracted to work onsite for clients of ASERT and writing courseware and J2EE examples for ASERT's training courses.

Initially completed an 18 month project based on the Gold Coast, converting an international web site from ASP to J2EE / Struts, including work on backend batch processing.

Worked on site at Suncorp in the Brisbane CBD on a number of Agile projects. The main project was a print/email/fax gateway web service to be used by other applications at Suncorp so quality was critical. All production code was written with Pair Programming utilizing Test Driven development and 100% unit test coverage. The project made use of Struts, Scriptura, Spring, Hibernate, XmlBeans, Axis, JMock, Groovy, Slide.

In this project I have been able to bring a number of productivity improvements to the team, through the development of custom plugins for IntelliJ IDEA and techniques I have introduced such as automocking and autoboundary which have simplified the codebase and reduced repetition

2002-2003 Yumetech Inc., Seattle, US.

Worked remotely from the Kimberleys on the DiRBS project, a 3D virtual library web application for visualization of rare books. The project is completely Java based and my major tasks were associated with the administration section of the project, including creating a graphical library floorplan designer implemented as a java applet. Technologies involved included JBoss for the application server, mySQL for the database and extensive use of EJBs and XSLT to produce pages on the fly from XML.

2001-2002 Hi-Q Systems Ltd, Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

Recruited from Australia for a fixed term contract in the UK.

Worked as a Java Developer on the development of Hi-Q's LH decision support product, supporting electricity trading in the UK. The application is a client/server system utilising both Oracle and TeraData databases receiving huge volumes of data from several data feeds and converting them to easily understandable graphs and charts in real time.

During my time at Hi-Q I also instigated several efficiency measures such as creating a standard framework for new charts decreasing development time, restructuring the codebase, introdcing automated JUnit unit testing, javadoc and an internal Wiki to improve documentation on the system.

2000 WetPC Ltd, Canberra, ACT.
Contracted to remotely develop chord based components in the Waba language for allowing Palm and WinCE handheld computers to be driven with one hand using kords.
2000 Boab Engineering, Kununurra, WA.
Remotely developed a Java 1.3 based accounting system for steel sales and general engineering company. Two months total development time including two weeks on site, 2000km away. Support and modifications were performed remotely for 5 years.
1998-1999 ADI Limited, Nedlands, WA.
Worked as a Java Software Engineer on the SRCSS project - A deployable command support system, used by the Australian Army Special Forces in their counter terrorism and special recovery roles, that allows optimal planning through assimilating & presenting information about the Special Force situation.

I worked in a team of 6-10 developers, mainly focusing on the areas of graphics and Palm integration but working on almost every aspect of the application including networking, database integration, XML, and sketch recognition.

Other Projects

Some other projects I have worked on in my spare time include



Component Development Champion at 2003 TopCoder Open.



Available on request.