Welcome to the homepage of Rob Nielsen. I am a programmer specialising in Java, currently living on the Gold Coast. For the last few years have been travelling quite extensively with my wife Lisa. I started off in Perth, then lived in Jurien Bay (about 3 hours north of Perth) for a year, then moved up to Winchester in the UK for 18 months working for Hi-Q, then Kununurra in north WA for about 8 months telecommuting to Seattle USA for Yumetech. We then housesat my parent's property near Cooroy in Queensland for a year, before moving to the Gold Coast, where we bought a house, hoping that would make us stay in one place for a while. That didn't really work as a couple of months later I went over to London and Singapore for 3.5 months for work. I'm now back and commuting to Brisbane on the train each day. We'd really like to stay on the Gold Coast so I'm keen to find some more work here.
Java I've been coding fairly heavily in Java since 1995, seven years commercially. My most recent outside project is ClassFinder - a development tool to make it easy to find javadoc information, which has been well received.
I used to do a bit of PalmOS development. I've still got my Palm III but have found I don't really use it much anymore. One of the major reasons I did buy it was the fact I could write software for it. Here's some software I've released but I do not intend to continue development of them. with Waba, most notably the Waba Extras extension library. I also used GCC for C based work, my first project being a port of XBill to PalmOS as pBill. Also there is PilrcEdit, a Java based graphical editor for PilRC .rcp files.

I've now got a Gameboy Advance that I'd like to start doing some development on, but haven't got anything to release yet.

Pics I've got a Canon Digital Ixus 400 camera (to replace my original Ixus) which I enjoy taking photos with. You can find a selection here.
I've also got a Garmin eTrex Vista GPS which I use mainly for Geocaching. I've written some scripts to provide waypoints for the caches in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand GPS
Misc This is the section where various miscellaneous stuff can be found. Just my resumé at the moment.

If you'd like to contact me, you can do so by emailing me (rob at roblisa dot com)
or when I'm at the computer I'm available through MSN Messenger with the same email address.